System/Platform implementation



Main goal:
The WP objectives are the implementation of the layers as defined in WP2.In this task the hardware components will be acquired, will be installed and configured. The software components will be installed and will be made available to the development or to publish data.

The activities in this WP aim at detailing and integrating the software components necessary to implement the Open-DAI platform; in particular there will be the following aspects that will need to be addressed:

  • Data virtualization strategy and deployment: the technical aspect of security and performances will be addressed to give the best solution to the deployment of the virtualization component of the platform;
  • Cloud infrastructure: with the sizing of the infrastructure and creation of dedicated tenants and templates.
  • Integration of middleware components in the cloud environment: it’s expected that the Open-DAI platform, are jointly used by all partners in order to share resources.

The resulting deliverable will be a stack of open source solutions integrated and connected into a single installation.

For each data and application provider, Public Administrations or related ICT provider, the environment for the layer of data virtualization will be installed and configured to connect to the legacy applications (or current implementation) that will be used for the project. The steps for the installation are defined in WP2. The most relevant activity is configuring the environment to connect to the custom environment. Indeed, each PA has a different application environment so it is necessary to customize the connectors for the specific infrastructure.

Each partner will deploy the Open-DAI Data Virtualization layer within its application environment, if it is needed to make its data and selected applications available to other partners. The Cloud Computing layer (an IaaS infrastructure component) will be used by all participants as a proof of SOA usage and cloud approach.