Data assessment and specification



Main goal:
The main goal of WP3 is to defining what data will be published, their access rules, the amount of data to be released as “open data”, the applications that will be revised to obtain new basic services to develop a new kind of applications in a service oriented way.

The main objective are:

  • Producing a list of data set with access rules and a schema;
  • Support the PSI holders in their choice of the appropriate copyright (and sui generis database right) licenses to be associated with the data, so that the opportunity of re-use (also in the context of innovative business models)are maximized;
  • Determining the output formats for each single data set and designing the transformation needed
  • Planning the usage of the data sets for the pilots
  • Designing the data service

In this WP every public organization and every technical partner have to define which data and service will be involved in the project. Each partner will participate in this task providing its information to obtain a complete scenario.