Main goal:
To ensure technical, administrative and financial coordination of the overall project, as well as the relationship among the partners and towards the EC project Officers and Commission services. The goal impacts on four key areas.

The achievement of the project objectives will be ensured by defining at the project start all components necessary for a correct management:

  • templates for documents, presentations, GANTT;
  • a set of procedures and tools for administrative, contractual and day-to-day coordination;
  • a set of quality indicators (achievement of milestones, timely distribution of financial contribution, timely delivery of expected meeting minutes and reports, participation in consortium meetings…) that, if regularly followed-up, will be useful to decide whether corrective actions are required;
  • a progress monitoring plan through meetings and specific documents prepared by Partners.

The efficient communication among the project Partners will be made possible through:

  • a web site available to all Partners to store and share documents;
  • templates for the production of deliverables, powerpoint presentations, and bi-annual technical and financial reports;
  • instructions on when and how these templates should be completed by Partners detailing the relationship between work packages;
  • direct exchanges of views during the meetings and the production of specific project documents.

The management and relationship with the EC project Officers and Commission services will be maintained through daily communication with the Commission:

  • to inform or ask for clarifications about the correct project implementation.
  • to submit the final and consolidated version of the Bi-annual technical and financial internal reports produced by the Partners

The general administrative and financial coordination of the project will consist of all activities necessary:

  • to coordinate, prepare and submit the official reports due to fulfil the Grant Agreement signed for the project (project progress and finance reporting, deliverables submission…);
  • to support and direct consortium partners.