Open-DAI (Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures of European Public Administrations) is a project funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) Call 2011. The project aims to make data and platforms available for digital public services on cloud computing infrastructures.

This means that open data can be used as a starting point to create new applications and services for public administrations, companies and citizens or to provide a channel for feeding back information to public administrations.

The Open DAI project is scheduled to run for 32 months (February 2012 – September 2014), is worth . 3,200,000 and involves 11 partners from Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.


Innovation, business opportunities and digital services are the three goals that drive Open-DAI. All Consortium partners work together:

  • to open up a large part of the Public Administrations’ (PAs’) databases to a wide audience of potential users through an open data hub in order to correlate data and to implement new digital public services;
  • to evolve the PAs’ information systems towards an open model and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in order to overhaul the monolithic and closed models and to facilitate software maintenance of existing silos;
  • to host the PA’s services into a scalable cloud infrastructure in order to meet the evolving needs.


Open-DAI represents a new model in both new PAs services implementation and cloud model deployment.

On one side, data has been accessed in legacy environments without interfering with existing legacy applications, thus without spending more on consolidated solutions, and avoiding useless duplication of data, but allowing for on-the-fl y transformation to provide new data services based applications and to enrich the SOA approach of the PAs.

On the other side all the work is done in a environment where the user is not abandoned to build his own datacenter or software solution, but where the user can fi nd a managed and integrated cloud environment, with state-of-the-art open source technologies being used to implement new business solutions.

The new services will also be oriented towards use on mobile devices and smartphones (“Apps”), and will cover a wide range of sectors: from transport and info mobility to environmental quality, from localisation services to information for tourism and a new form of communication between citizens and the PAs.

It will be rolled out in different forms in the four countries involved in the project.

The platform can also be used by private partners, which will be able to contribute to enhancing public services, offering services to the public and therefore opening up new market outlets.

Work Packages

The Open-DAI project is divided into the following work packages:

  1. Management (CSI-Piemonte)
  2. System and Architecture specification (NetPort Science Park)
  3. Data assessment and specification (DigitPA)
  4. System/Platform implementation (CSI-Piemonte)
  5. Pilot Development (BDigital)
  6. Services Development, implementation and testing (SAMPAS)
  7. Dissemination (CSI-Piemonte)
  8. Impact evaluation and Exploitation (Politecnico di Torino)