Sampaş IT and Communication Systems, established in 1981, follows the highest and most efficient technology in cooperation with its employees, suppliers and associates working with team spirit in local authority and within national and international market. Sampaş comprises of 4 Regional Offices (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana) in Turkey.

Being among leading IT companies in Turkey, Sampas has been offering municipalities, high value-added services from design to installation, from operation to maintenance & consulting in areas from tax to zoning and resource management to creation of modern City Information Systems. The main solution/service, provided mostly to municipalities, is ‘Intelligent City Automation Systems’ (ICS). ICS is one common portfolio of products working on one common municipal spatial-relational database satisfying; Automation and optimization of all work flows in the municipality thru developed Internet-MIS-GIS-CAD-Mobile applications. Sampaş, being a company that has signed the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ of United Nations, gives great importance to the social responsibilities. Some achievements of Sampaş are being the first company which started to develop software in addition to support services in the Turkish municipality sector since 1982. Sampaş has so far trained more than 18.000 operators in local government sector in Turkey. Sampaş owns a modern Research and Development Center which holds more than 70 engineers with different backgrounds (software engineering, mathematical engineering, mapping engineering and electronics engineering, etc). Sampaş has been gaining experience in cloud computing and developing software projects with the SOA architecture for several years.