The Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) has 29.300 students on 96 courses (including 31 MSc, 23 PhD and 20 specialization courses). There is a staff of over 900 lecturers and researchers, and around 875 administration staff. The income in the 2010 forecast balance was 380 million Euros.

The NEXA Centre for Internet & Society is a research centre affiliated to one of the POLITO departments (DAUIN). As interdisciplinary as required by modern research, the NEXA Centre for Internet & Society staff and fellows carry out researches on technological, legal and economic aspects of the digital environment.
Particular attention is devoted to the access to and re-use of information over the net. The NEXA Centre for Internet & Society is coordinating the LAPSI European Thematic Network on Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information. The Centre is also participating, together with the Torino University Faculty of Law, to a regional research project on Extracting Value from Public Sector Information (EVPSI). Finally the NEXA Centre is the Italian partner organization for Creative Commons and it coordinated the European thematic network COMMUNIA on the digital public domain.

Some of the key technical competences of the NEXA Centre include semantic Web and linked data related knowledge and distributed approaches to semantic technologies, such as peer-to-peer architecture for distributed RDF storage and reliable SPARQL queries. The NEXA Centre is also studying issues, such as the standard setting processes related to the Web of data.

The core multidisciplinary competences of the NEXA Centre include Web 2.0 and User Generated Content related topics, such as: open source, open licenses and other intellectual property issues; privacy and data protection and other legal issues; the economics of PSI & open data, including pricing.

Role in the project

  • Coordination of the Exploitation and Business plan drafting (WP8)
  • Scientific dissemination activities within WP7
  • Spreading the interactions with the linked open data community within WP7
  • Providing IPRs and data protection knowledge in WP2 and WP8