Piedmont Region is one of the most committed region in Italy in the field of innovation and ICT. Piedmont Region has been dedicated a great attention in developing its regional policies and strategies for research and innovation consistently with the priorities and the Digital Agenda set by the European Union.

Piedmont Region had considered the participation in European projects and networks in the field of research and innovation a real opportunity to better align its regional policies and strategies with EU recommendations and Directive, recognizing that the participation in EU networks offers the opportunity of mutual learning with other European regions, while introducing and testing more advanced ideas in its territory.

As far the OPEN DATA topic is concerned, the related activities of Piedmont Region began in 2009 focusing on two main areas: the organisation and regulation aspects related to the receipt of the EU Directive on Public Sector Information and the technological aspects on data harmonisation.

In this specific ICT field, Piedmont Region, with the support of its regional ICT agency CSI-Piemonte, was the first Italian region (and one of the first in several Mediterranean countries in Europe, where the EU directive receipt was mainly achieved at national level) having launched its own regional Open Data Portal.

Thanks to this pioneering activity, several public organisations active at regional, national and EU level started to express their interest in learning and sharing the Piedmont experience on OPEN DATA portal, by enriching the Piedmont initiative with further strategies and ICT developing actions.

All these conditions built the first interregional ground which appeared to be perfectly consistent with the spirit of the second MED call for strategic projects on ICT.

Finally as far as coordination experience is concerned, Piedmont has already acquired an extensive knowledge in the participation and coordination of several EU projects.

In 2000-2006 Piedmont actively participated in the three strands of the Interreg community initiatives with almost 10 projects under Interreg III B Alpine Space and 10 projects under Interreg III B Medocc.

In 2007-2013 Piedmont Region was project leader in the following programmes:

  • Interreg IVC, with a Fast Track Capitalization project on ICT Broadband strategies development “B3 Regions”;
  • Alcotra 2007-2013, with “Innovation” project aiming to experiment a methodology on cross-border living labs;
  • Alpine Space, with the “Alps for EU” project, aiming at strengthening innovation capabilities of SMEs, creating appropriate environment for their development and fostering stable cooperation between R&TD centres and SMEs.

Moreover Piedmont Region is Partner in the following relevant projects:

  • Central Europe Programme with:
  • Cluster COOP-Enhancing Framework Conditions for an effective Transnational Cluster Cooperation in Central European countries;
  • CentraLab-Central European Living Lab for Territorial Innovation;
  • CluStrat (strategic call)-Boosting innovation through new cluster concepts in support of emerging issues and cross-sectoral themes;

Role in the project

  • Pilot testing