NetPort is an engine for development, which by cooperation between industry, university and public sector contributes to a strong and long-term growth. NetPort promotes development of competence, business possibilities and knowledge diffusion.

The main goal is to create conditions for a long-term growth, where new companies, within NetPort´s focus areas, can be established and be a complement to Karlshamn´s strong tradition within trade and manufacturing industry. It is all about competitiveness and about the future for Karlshamn. With the support from NetPort, knowledge from the university comes to practice within companies and the public sector, and at the same time the needs from the business world have influence on the university and the research. This gives new competence to the companies and the university that is adjusted to real conditions. The aim for NetPort´s activities is highly put. But, still on its way to be fulfilled. Karlshamn will be renewed and develop further more to a place that is attractive to work, study and live in. A place with more and bigger possibilities for those who live and work here.

NetPort has three focus areas: New Media, Creative Industry and Intelligent logistics. Blekinge Institute of Technology has several programs within digital media. The exchange between the university and business world is extensive and there is also research within new media and digital games at the university. Karlshamn is appointed as national arena in creative industry connected to digital games. Several companies that work within digital games have been established during the last few years and the university has popular programs within digital games. Intelligent logistics is also an area that is represented at the university both within education and research and development. Several doctoral students are occupied with research, as well as one professor on part-time. In the local business world there are several companies with interests in the logistics- and transport research.

Role in the project

  • Leader of Workpackage 2 – System and Architecture specification
  • Coordination of Blekinge Pilot
  • Technology Provider