Barcelona Digital Technology Centre is a private, non-profit organization for applied research and technological development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied in the mobility, energy, health and security fields. The organization was created in 2002 as a private foundation with the purpose of implementing and creating innovative digital technology-based businesses, companies and projects, and fostering the information and knowledge society in the region of Catalonia.

In January 2008 Barcelona Digital became ICT Technology Centre within the Catalan Government’s Technology Centres registry. Concerning the Mobility and Energy group, BDIGITAL’s main activity lines are: smart urban environments, intelligent transportation systems, energy efficient environments and accessible interaction technologies. On the security field BDIGITAL’S main activities are focused on highly distributed systems and technologies, cyber crime and trustworthy ICT (privacy, security metrics, auditing, IAM technologies, etc.)

BDIGITAL’s staff consists of +80 professionals (doctors, engineers, technicians, project managers), with multidisciplinary and complementary backgrounds in different ICT fields. BDIGITAL also cooperates with other research centres and laboratories within the reach University community of the Barcelona region. Due to the nature of the organization BDIGITAL holds a close relationship with several Public Administrations through several collaborative projects related to the efficient use and exploitation of ICT.

Experience and Expertise BDIGITAL leads or participates in several research projects under execution with private and public (national and regional) funding under execution. Of those, the Mobility group contributes to two FP7 projects, Digital.Me on Intelligent Information Management and APSIS4All on assistive ICT. Further, this group is also undertaking several nationally funded research projects in the field of mobility and transport, of note are INREDIS and Park Online. As for the security group, its expertise on the development of trustworthy ICT products and services is supported by their participation in several international and nationally funded projects such as BRAINABLE (GA nº 247447) or SECCLOUD (Secure Cloud Computing) as well as on many privately funded contracts for the development of secure Cloud Computing technologies and services.

Role in the project

  • Leader of WP5
  • Coordination of both the Barcelona and Lleida Pilots
  • Technology Provider