Lleida City Council has extensive experience and solid reputation in the implementation of ICT, both within its own Corporation and the rest of the city.

During these years the Council has led the advancement of eGovernment and ICT implementation in the city. This work was carried out in a series of fronts:

  • Advancing e-government in municipal management and the relationship with citizens.
  • Promoting the implementation of ICT companies in the city to make them more competitive.
  • Promoting and supporting innovation.
  • Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs.
  • Understanding ICT as an instrument of society.
  • Networking of ICT among the citizens.
  • Combating the risk of digital divide
  • Promoting the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Promoting new services based on ICT.
  • Working closely with the University of Lleida.
  • Obtaining reliable and continuous metrics and indicators that help in making the right decisions.
  • Collaborating with other administrations.
  • Creating Network with other Councils and Cities

Role in the project

  • Pilot testing