In order citizens and 3rd party developers’ access the daily information from Ordu Municipality, two pilot cases were deployed within the Open-Dai project. Pilot cases of Ordu aims to enhance services offerred by the municipality and ease citizen’s life by opening City Dynamics and POI information.

Pilot 1: City Dynamics

City Dynamics provides a set of information which is designed to simplify the life in Ordu and enables citizens and 3rd party developers to access daily information easily. Currently in Ordu, this type of information/content is only managed and generated by the Public Authority and citizens are only able to get information using the Call Center.


  • Reducing the Call Center traffic and improving the service efficiency and effectiveness
  • Encouraging citizens to use self-service mobile offerings and ease their life by simple data access routines
  • Share information with 3rd party developers to encourage them to create valuable mobile applications for Ordu citizens and the Municipality. Especially it is expected to see new optimization algorithms and applications for Garbage Collection which is a quite complex problem with predefined resources of carriers and human resources.




Pilot 2: POI’s

POI (Points of Interest) provides location information about interested points around the user location. The citizen or the tourist, after locating his position on a map, may ask for a specific location such as the nearest taxi, pharmacies, mosques, museums, cultural places, the nearest train station or the user can also ask for the nearest hospital. Ordu’s City Guide application used as the main source for this content.


  • Point of Interest (POI) is managed by the Public Authority and stored in their legacy database using spatial capabilities.
  • Publishing this information and enabling the citizens or the tourists to query POI types,
  • POIs, information about them and even route information to the selected POI will ease the life in Ordu
  • The application will able to find the closest POI to the user’s location. This information is important for finding places which are close to the user.