The Lleida pilots are focused on informing about incidents that could affect mobility, especially mobility for disabled people, and to publish information that could be useful both to the citizens and the city tourists.


The Road Incidents and Accessibility pilot is a mobile application with two main functionalities. The first one checks in real time information about incidents in the city, like traffic accidents or closed streets because of public works. The second one finds accessible services for people with mobility issues. Places are classified according to their category and features in order to make the search for a convenient place easy for the user.

The main goal of this pilot is to use this road incidents and accessibility data so the citizen can discover in real time accidents, public works and other events that can affect his mobility, especially mobility for disabled people. At the same time, users with mobility problems can check for accessible services nearby their location. This might not be useful only to the general population: Ambulances, for example, could benefit from this information, particularly road incidents, in order to plan the quickest route to their destination.

Accessibility data is provided by different local organizations of disabled people, which include ONCE, Aspid and Telecentres. For this project, these organizations agreed to disclose and share their information into the same database used for the road incidents.

The main stakeholders of this pilot are the Municipality of Lleida, the local police department of the city, owner of the road incidents database, and different organizations of disabled people (ONCE, Telecentres and Aspid) who are responsible for providing the accessibility data.




The Data Publication pilot is a web application. The main functionality of this application is to show the different services, municipal or not, and points of interest of the city, from public transports to tourism offices. This information is useful not only to the city tourists, but to the local population as well.

The main goal of this pilot is to centralize all the different and heterogeneous data sources in order to have a unique virtual database that will facilitate the publication of the data in many standard formats.

Information of the city’s POIs includes datasets like health services, sport facilities, information offices, pharmacies or hospitality businesses among others.

Link to the web application