To set up the Open-DAI platform in your cloud environment you need to install the Master Virtual Machine (VM) through the ISO available in the Open-DAI website. This machine basically hosts the Puppet Master and the MCollective Client to manage the IT infrastructure and monitoring tools.

If system administrator does not want to monitor services and manage the platform centrally, he can dismiss or turn off this machine after the whole installation.

Then, Node VMs can be created using a general template of a virtual machine. Installed and configured tools on each Node depends on the assigned role to the machine.

This role is based on the $role field defined in the CloudStack environment or on the hostname if you use other tools for deploying and managing large networks of VMs. Each Node basically hosts the Puppet Agent and the MCollective Server and retrieve catalogs from the Puppet Master. Puppet manifests to configure Open-DAI nodes are available on a GitHub repository.

The explanation on how to create the custom ISO of the Open-DAI project and all the scripts needed can be found in the platform repository.


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