In Barcelona there are 2 different pilots inside the Open-DAI project focused on open and use  environmental and mobility data. The goal is to increase the transparency of the City Council by ensuring the availability of the public data so that all of the stakeholders can use this information to create services and develop new applications. One of this applications is aimed to citizens and the second one is addressed to the Barcelona city council agents.

Pilot app

The pollution monitor for outdoor activities pilot is a mobile application called BCN Corre of Barcelona City Council with relevant data about the environmental conditions on the Barcelona area, in order to choose the best places or routes for outdoor activities or sports. This pilot also stands for opening the access to the environmental data for Barcelona.

The main goal of this pilot is to combine the geo-spatial data with the environmental data in other to get a route planner for runners. The citizens can obtain routes to do sport or outdoor activities depending on pollution status on the different city areas. This might not only be useful to athletes; the people with breathing problems or other health issues could be a target for this service. Planning their movements in the city depending on the pollution status.

The main stakeholder of this pilot is the public administration on Barcelona area, the citizens and other public organizations who are the data owners like the UAB University or the Catalan Government (Generalitat). BDigital Technological center works in strict cooperation with the Public Administrations (PAs) on the Catalunya (Catalonia) Region as a technological partner.


See a video demonstration of the app

Pilot web

The Correlation between environment and mobility pilot is a web application with relevant data about the environmental conditions and mobility data from the Barcelona city in order to show on a map view the correlation between the environmental data and the mobility data. This pilot is also opening the silos with mobility data on the city and the access to the environmental data for Barcelona.

The main goal of this pilot is to work with the geo-spatial, the environmental, and the transit status data to obtain a correlation between them. The pilot is addressed to the public administration managers in order to improve the government decisions. The pilot output wants to get a dashboard viewing the dependences on the city among the traffic and the pollution conditions. This data result could be a good input for decision makers.

The main stakeholders of this pilot are the Barcelona city council and their managers, but also the citizens as the end target of city decisions improvements. Other stakeholders involved are the organizations owning the data, like the UAB university or the Catalan Government (Generalitat).

Visit the pilot web