NetPort Science Park and Karlshamn municipality celebrate Open Data Day

Open Data Day is a global event for celebrating the benefits of opening data. It is recurring on the 22nd of February every year and is getting bigger for each iteration. This year over 100 cities registered an event on theĀ official wiki.

NetPort Science Park decided to repeat the success of Open Data Day last year’s event with a similar hackathon in 2014. This time Karlshamn municipality was a collaborative partner, together with Blekinge Insititute of Technology. Just like last year, the whole event was centered around the concept of working with data that has been opened by Karlshamn through the Open-DAI platform.

About forty people participated in the hack, resulting in seven concepts and working prototypes that used data through the Open-DAI cloud infrastructure. Officials from Karlshamn municipality were present to give feedback and hand out prizes for the best project ideas.

Over all it was a very successful day that showed us both benefits and challenges with introducing Open-DAI to the developer community, and NetPort will analyze these findings for the upcoming project review. Small events like these have turned out to be very effective ways of getting early feedback on deliverables and we are sure to arrange more events in the future.