Regione Piemonte and CSI-Piemonte candaidate Turin for the next edition of Spaghetti Open Data

Regione Piemonte have proposed Turin as host city for the meeting 2014 of Spaghetti Open Data, the largest Italian community dealing with open data.

Why Turin?

Turin is the regional capital of Piedmont, and Piedmont, also thanks to CSI-Piemonte, is the first Italian Region to have defined in 2010 a platform and rules for the release of dataset, to have approved a regional law on open data (consistent with the EU PSI Directive 2003/98/EC) and also to have established a working group that brings together all ICT stakeholders of the territory.

Now Piemonte exports the acquired expertise in several European projects, including Open_DAI and Homer

Support the application of Turin for hosting Spaghetti Open data 2014!

Write it in your blogs, tweet it, involve peopleā€¦ it’ll be a great event and you can join it.