Brussels, 21st November 2013: HOMER, Open-DAI and ONE joining efforts in improving the efficiency of their digital strategies

The three EU projects Homer-Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through Better access and re-use of PSI, Open-DAI-Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures of European Public Administration Cloud Infrastructure and ONE-Observatory Network to Enhance ICT Structural Funds Absorption are going to organise a satellite workshop in Brussels to explore synergies, share their approaches and improve the efficiency of their digital strategies.

Starting from the good experiences of the three projects and their partners, the workshop will be the opportunity to share their mid-term results based on the EU digital scoreboard and indicators,  in order to be more compliant with the new era of 2014-2020 digital programmes and strategies at EU and regional level.

Furthermore, the workshop will be the opportunity to identify synergies and common policies among the 3 ICT projects, to stimulate networking and debate among projects ‘consortia and to propose feedbacks to the European Commission about approaches, obstacles and solutions identified during the projects lifetime.