Piedmont Region and CSI-Piemonte visit Manchester hackathon

A delegation from Piedmont Region and CSI-Piemonte, relevant partners of Open DAI, participated in a twinning visit in Manchester in the framework of ONEINTERREG IVC ONE. Achieved experience can be usefully capitalised in Open-DAI.

Participants were involved in the organization of the hackaton event of Manchester Digital Development Agency, and attended workshops focused on three core themes for the digital future: Creative Code, Future Cities and The Data Society.

A delegation from Piedmont Region and CSI-Piemonte, participated in a twinning visit in Manchester in the framework of INTERREG IVC ONE project. The objective of the twinning was toprovide methodological support in the organisation of a hackathon, by MDDA Manchester Digital Development Agency (the lead organisation for the development of the Digital Strategy for Manchester and the surrounding region) in the context of the FutureEverything conference held in Manchester from 21 to 24 March 2013.

The twinning delegation attended some of the conference workshops, that focused on three core themes that are considered instrumental in shaping the digital future: Creative Code, Future Cities and The Data Society. The ONE delegation was presented a possible approach on how to organize an hackathon and the importance of open data re-use from citizens’ perspectives participating in a workshop together with Alan Holding and Paul Spensley of MDDA, discussing what actors are to be involved and how, if and how public administrations are able to reuse the results of hackathon events and on business results of such events.

Moreover, the delegation had the opportunity to attend the inauguration networking event of “Routes to the Future: An Innovation Challenge”, the hackathon event involving coders and creative software developers that were challenged to create new, useful applications from the data provided by Transport for Greater Manchester to propose applications aimed at improving the public transport experience for people of Greater Manchester. The delegation also attended the beginning of the hackathon activities on 23 March with observer status, to see and learn from a live experience.

CSI-Piemonte and the Piedmont Region are partners also in Open-DAI project and in the HOMER project. The delegation will capitalize the ONE twinning experience within both the projects. During the next months Homer will indeed focus on its pilot phase which includes the organization of the Hack4 MED! event, a transnational open data contest aiming to launch coordinated hackathons in Italy, Montenegro, Spain and Greece.

Synergy between Open DAI and other European projects, such as Homer and others, was the focus of the last Homer meeting held in Cagliari last March. Experience gained by the ONE delegation members from Regione Piemonte and CSI-Piemonte will be capitalised in all projects in which Regione Piemonte and CSI-Piemonte are partners.